Global Variable and local Variable in Story


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Let’s imagine a story about two characters: Global Variable and Local Variable.

In the world of Codeville,

two siblings named Global Variable and Local Variable lived. They were known for their ability to hold and manipulate data, but each had their unique characteristics and scopes.

Global Variable was like the town’s billboard.

Once he held a piece of information, it was accessible from anywhere in the town of Codeville. Whether you were in the Town Hall function or at the Grocery Store function, you could always access and modify the information held by Global Variable. This made him very powerful, but also risky. If not handled properly, anyone could change the information he held, leading to unexpected results.

On the other hand, Local Variable was more like a personal diary.

She was only known and accessible within a particular function or block where she was defined. If you defined Local Variable in the Town Hall function, she wouldn’t be recognized at the Grocery Store function. This limited her scope but also made her safer to use. The changes made to her didn’t affect other functions, which helped keep the code more manageable and less prone to errors.

However, there were times when Local Variable’s scope was too limited. For instance, if you needed to maintain a count that multiple functions could access and modify, Local Variable wouldn’t be sufficient. In such cases, Global Variable came to the rescue.

So, in the end, both Global Variable and Local Variable had their strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the situation and requirements, the coders of Codeville would choose to use either Global or Local Variables. And they all coded happily ever after.

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